La Dispute


Translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker


Zoë brought Marivaux’s quirky comedy into the modern world by interspersing the text with popular songs sung live by the cast. The production was set in a heightened reality that recalled the touring circuses of the 1950s; a world of enthusiasm, energy, broad smiles and sequins which hid a sleazy underbelly.


Director and Set Designer: Zoë Tuffin


Lighting Designer and Stage Manager: Owen Horton


Cotume Designer: Lucy Watson


Cast: Anna Potter, John-Paul Santucci, Evelyn Lawrence, Ben Westcott, Danielle Scoins, Ali Asghar, Adam Osborne, Shannon Steele, Sam Yeo and Melissa Tan



Australian National University, Drama Lab, Arts Centre, 2010