Romeo and Juliet


An adaptation of Shakespeare's play


As part of her Masters in Directing at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Zoë staged an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. She introduced music and movement to the tragedy, editing the script and inserting modern scenes to create an energetic and moving production for contemporary audiences. To further bring the production into modern times, several roles were cross-gender cast including a female Romeo, a female Tybalt, a male Nurse, and a female Capulet.


Director: Zoë Tuffin


Set Designer: Patrick Howe


Lighting Designer: Tegan Evans


Sound and Costume Designer: Zoë Tuffin


Stage and Production Manager: Vicki Heilbronn


Cast: Harriet Morley, Cherish Armstrong, Hannah Younger, Francesca Vocisano, Nastassja Krüger, Jocelyn Withers, Marc Ricov, and Josh Bodenstaff



Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Enright Studio, WAAPA, 2013




Photos by Georgia Faulkes-Taylor