Medea: The River Runs Backwards


An adaptation of Euripides play


Medea: The River Runs Backwards was a physical theatre adaptation of Euripides' tragedy in Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre's house style, which used the methods of butoh dance theatre, the Suzuki Method of Actor Training and Anne Bogart’s the Viewpoints. Zoë assisted director, Drew der Kinderen, in reworking the text. Together they adapted exerts from Euripides play and wrote new scenes. The result was a contemporary interpretation, combining multimedia, music, and movement.


Director: Drew der Kindren


Assistant Director: Zoë Tuffin and Melissa Budd


Producer: Soonufat Supramaniam


Set Designer: Christine Urquhart


Lighting Designer: Andrew Haden


Costme Designer: Julian Napier


Composer: Thom Murphy


Dramaturg: Ian Lawson


Stage Manager: Nicole Goulter


Cast: Lauren Jackson, Eric Berryman, Peter Cossar, Mollie Yang, Brennan Campbell, Stephanie Allsopp, Melissa Budd, Hannah Farrelly, Rachel Gobel, Laura McAloney, Elle Mickel, and Mackenzie Pinder




Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, Studio 3, Old Museum Building, 2013


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Photos by Chris Marr

Zen’s Medea is a bold, fresh tackling of the text

                                                            - Baz McAlister, The Courier Mail

Medea The River Runs Backwards is the calibre of production that Zen Zen Zo have built their reputation on and it was extremely satisfying to experience it

                                                            - Bobbi Lea, Aussie Theatre