Bloke. A Man's Twenty-First Century Guide to Emotional Fulfilment (or not... Maybe it's just about sex)


By Shane Pike


Bloke tells the story of George and his three mates. Every year they meet on the same day at the same bar, but this year it’s different. Their dark and troubled past is now threatening their future.

In 2017 Bloke was published by Playlab under the title, The Boys of St Crispian.

Director: Zoë Tuffin


Assistant Director: Natalie Lazaroo


Writer: Shane Pike


Musician: Silvan Rus


Stage Manager: Laura McKenna


Cast: Shane Pike



Wax Lyrical Theatre Company, Blackwall, West End, 2014


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Photos by Imogen Riethmuller

[the] script is hilarious and poetic in turn, and [Pike's] performance is endearing, touching and affecting.

                                      - Imogen Riethmuller, Lime Light Magazine

This is a fast paced engrossing and highly relevant tale, in which humour, revulsion, anger and empathy are dealt in equal measure.

                                                  - Brenna Lee-Cooney, The West Ender