The Tempest


By William Shakespeare


Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble's The Tempest transported audiences to an island filled with magic and adventure, in the heart of Brisbane City, at the Roma Street Parkland.


In this adaptation, Zoë brought together her two great passions, butoh and Shakespeare. Zoe used the dance theatre form of butoh to bring this magical island to the stage and examine the themes of authority, forgiveness, and love.


Director: Zoë Tuffin


Assistant Director: Zac Kelty


Designer: Angel Kosch


Music Director: Rob Pensalfini


Production Manager: Kylii Hobson


Stage Manager: Laura McKenna


Cast: Matt Gaffney, Zac Kelty, Jason McKell, Rebecca Murphy, Anthea Patrick, Rob Pensalfini, Silvan Rus, Colin Smith, Andrea Templeman, Johancee Theron, Chris Vaag



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Photos by Benjamin Prindable

The combination of an outdoor venue, modern music and a big dose of irreverence brought the text to life in a way that had me going back to my Compleat Works to check what I had been missing all these years.


Director Zoe Tuffin has pulled off the remarkable feat of putting the bawd back into the bard without belittling the text.

                                                                   - Geoff Ebbs, Westender

Director Zoe Tuffin's version takes clever inspiration from Japanese butoh dance theatre, and movement is a touchstone for character... The Tempest makes for a magical night at the theatre

                                                               - Baz McAlister, Courier Mail